About AIRT

Airt.se is a new take on AI art. We make high quality works created using state-of-the-art machine learning technologies.

We have developed a method using deep neural networks to create unique and beautiful art pieces. Our goal is to challenge the notion of creativity - and let the imagination of the AI influence the artwork.

Our Story

We are a team of engineers from Sweden specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence. We believe it's possible to emulate human creativity and inventiveness using AI. As we develop our methods and algorithms we will create more unique art for you to enjoy.

Airt.se was born in 2021. The idea was to create unique and beautiful art to put on your wall while still being affordable.

In 2022 we started a partnership with acoustic panel manufacturer Poasana AB, a pioneer in sound health. Their panels are state of the art, and rated A at Ri.se, the highest achievable score. They combine great engineering with great design, and we were an instant match. Poasana focuses on consumers and small office customers, whereas we focus on larger orders and offices, where our AI technology allows for great efficiency in the design process.

If any of this seems interesting, please reach out! We love new partnerships!

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